Peterson is one of the oldest names in briar pipes, starting life as a small tobacco shop in Dublin in 1865. Peterson pipes are very traditional in look and style and are a wonderful representation of pipes from the 19th century.

Some 25 years later in 1890, Peterson actually invented his own Smoking System pipe. This pipe was designed containin an interior, secondary bowl or reservoir in the shank of the pipe, actually trapping the condensed tobacco moisture from the smoke, giving the smoker a much cooler and dry smoke. Several years later, in 1898, Peterson came up with another invention, the Petersen lip mouthpiece, which directed the smoke up and away from the tongue. This system helped in reducing the amount of saliva entering the pipe stem and provided a contoured fit in the smokers mouth.

Today, the styles and shapes of Peterson pipes are very traditional in nature and are excellent representations of 19th century pipes. In fact, each year Peterson produces a limited addition set of pipes crafted by their finest craftsmen. A couple of good examples of Peterson pipes are the Emerald series, with both rough and smooth finishes, and the Watson pipe, one of seven shapes in the original Sherlock Holmes series.