Humidors Keep Cigars Alive

In this world, the number of smokers, especially cigar smokers have been increased greatly. If you or your friend is an avid smoker of cigars, then it is necessary to have humidors as they keep your cigar in a desired humidity level and temperature, preventing cigars to lose the original taste or flavour. These cigars give the pure taste and quality of smoking. Some of the notable brands of humidors include Adorini, Andre Garcia, Alfred Dunhill, Gerber Humidor and Bellitica. These brands are also available from online stores.

Basics of Humidors

Any kind of a box or room with continuous humidity and temperature used to store cigars or pipe tobacco is called humidors. For personal usage, small wooden or acrylic glass humidor boxes are available and able to keep a few dozen cigars, while cigar shops use walk-in humidors, sometimes consisting of a whole floor. In order to keep track of the humidity levels, humidors of all sizes employ hygrometers. Humidors are classified into various categories.

Classification of Humidor

1. Table Humidor

One of the popular humidors is table humidor, which is quite heavy and usually kept static in one location. It generally holds 300 to a few thousand cigars. Table humidor comes in various types such as polished wood exterior, marble, leather, combination of exotic elements and glass tops.

2. Room Humidor

Room humidor is common in cigar bars or stores. In order to avoid bad taste of cigars; one room is converted to a humidor where cigars are stored at desired temperature and humidity.

3. Travel Humidor

It is a portable and ideal for carrying cigars enough for the outing or an event. Generally, a travel humidor may carry10 to 40 cigars.

4. Personal Humidor

Personal humidors are like travel humidors as both are small humidors and can be used for special events. It holds up to 75 (sometimes even more) cigars. However, the average casual smoker needs to have a humidor that may comprise up to 100 cigars.

Maintenance of Humidor

For getting ideal results, it is pertinent to maintain your humidor below the maximum temperature of 73°F (23°C) and between 65-74% humidity. In fact, suitable conditions are 70°F (21°C) and 70% humidity to keep your cigars healthy. Generally, it is recommended to have a digital hygrometer/thermometer to better control the temperature and humidity inside your humidor.

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