Estate Stanwell 75 H/made Selected Briar Tobacco Smoking Pipes 1960's Awesome

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Estate - Stanwell 75 - Hand-Made Selected Briar Straight Acorn from the 1960'sWhat a find! It's a long, long time since we've seen one of these Stanwell Beauties. 75's virtually disappeared off the face of the earth many years ago. Probably more correctly, disappeared into the collections and display cabinets of ardent Stanwell collectors. Oh, the odd one will pop up for sale from time to time, but it's rare, they're expensive and we'd venture in nowhere near the wonderful condition this one's in. Its a head turner and still sparkles like we imagine it did when it rolled off Sixten Ivarsson's work bench. Yes, the Stanwell 75 Shape was designed and created by the gloriously talented Tobacco Pipe Artisan, Sixten Ivarsson. This particular 75 is clearly stamped with a registered number, which was
discontinued by Stanwell in the very late 60s to the very early 70's, putting this beautiful Acorn Shaped Classic in the 'Nearly 50 Years of Age Bracket.' This pipe will be the Ultimate-Smoker.So, what we have here is an exceptionally nice, lightweight and exceedingly rare Stanwell Tobacco Pipe from The registration Era that was created by the unsurpassed and incredibly gifted Siksten Ivarsson. The crown on top of the 'S' on the stem is also a giveaway in dating this pipe. It's most probable that it's design was initiated by Ivarsson as far back as the 1950s, but wasn't built until sometime in the 60's. The pipe is a highly polished and lustrous mid brown with lighter undertones and displays a healthy mixture of grains. The right hand side, bordering onto the front of the bowl is mainly birds-eye, then becoming a fairly bold horizontal angels-hair, which continues around the left of the bowl, breaking again into birds-eye and then angels-hair again. Its quite a stunning grain pattern. The shank and stem is almost an elliptical shape and it compliments the acorn shaped bowl ever so nicely and appropriately. A lot of thought has been invested in this particular pipe design. I particularly like the symmetry of the bold, fully and perfectly rounded bowl rim. It creates a look of reliable sturdiness to the whole piece. Its very nice. We hope you find our price very nice and reasonable too!Snapshot: The House of Stanwell has always had a  working vision to produce high quality pipes at a price that is inclusive of the ordinary man. They have achieved their vision and continue to set the benchmark for others to follow, if they can. Stanwell pipes are a must for any pipe collection. The Stanwell name is the cornerstone of Danish pipe making. Owning a Stanwell is also owning a very rich part of Pipe-Making history. This is the perfect Stanwell Estate Pipe to do it with. 

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STANWELL 75 Hand Made Selected Briar Straight Acorn - Vintage 1960's


Estate Pipe - Excellent condition - no damage of note. A few very tiny marks of use. Extremely difficult to see.


NOT Supplied with original packaging.


Underside of shank - SELECTED BRIAR (over) 75. Top - STANWELL (over) REGD No.969-48 (over) HAND MADE (over) IN DENMARK. Stem - Crown atop 'S' Logo.

 **Snapshot**During the late 1940's Poul Nielsen adopted the English name Stanwell with the aim of expanding the Danish Pipe Market, because at that time all the fine briar pipes were of British Origin. He not only adopted the name for his pipes, but changed his last name to Stanwell as well, a testament to his devotion to the pipes he made. In 1969, the Stanwell factory was moved to a town called Borup, just outside of Copenhagen. Stanwell revolutionized the pipe world with his new factory. It was the Stanwell factory that first began mass exportation of Danish pipes and first whetted the appetites of Americans and Germans for the Danish Pipe. Combined with the designs from the great Danish Pipe-Makers like Sixten Ivarsson to Jess Chonowitsch and the very careful selection of the finest Mediterranean briar, Stanwell achieved a combination of style and quality giving each pipe its own character. He earned international prestige and renown for his Danish style. Stanwell pipes are a must for any pipe collection. The Stanwell name is the cornerstone of Danish pipe making. In owning a Stanwell, you will not only enjoy a beautifully styled, great smoking pipe at a great price, you will also own a piece of pipe making history. Today Stanwell produces around 300,000 pipes annually. 


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Estate Stanwell 75 H/made Selected Briar Tobacco Smoking Pipes 1960's Awesome

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