Each smoker, each pipe maker, each smoking expert has got a different opinion on how to break in their new pipes. Numerous people advise wiping the inner of the bowl with honey prior to filling it with tobacco, whilst other people favor using a swab of water and then allow it to dry out. Others favor filling the pipe with a quarter or one-half of a bowl full of tobacco. The importance is to not smoke the first few bowls too hot. Keep the pipe well lit, just smoke slowly till all the tobacco has been used up. If you do not, the intense heat could crack your new pipe bowl. Bowl treatment varies between different pipe makers. For instance, Dr. Grabow pipes are pre-smoked and feature a thin layer of carbon build-up primed for the new owner. Other pipe makers, such as Chonowitsch, have developed a specific covering for the bowls inner. Numerous pipe makers utilise a carbon coating to allow for the breaking in procedure. Several carvers just leave the inside in a natural or stained state so that the pipe smoker can appreciate and admire the gorgeous grain inside and out.

It's said that three ingredients are required to enjoy a pipe and tobacco. These are a good quality pipe, quality tobacco and sound smoking techniques. Unfortunately, most new smokers don't have somebody who can demonstrate to them how to load the pipe and smoke it the right way. Naturally, it's also crucial to buy a quality pipe. A lot of new pipe smokers clearly start with a low-cost pipe to save money. Commencing with a quality pipe should allow for a smooth smoke that will reward you for your sensible buying decision.

A lot of tobaccos are hard to load into a pipe if the new smoker is unmindful of correct loading procedures. You need a uniform pack from top to bottom and this is achieved by packing in three levels. Commence loading the pipe by lightly packing a pinch of tobacco at the bottom of the bowl. Get hold of another pinch of tobacco and pack it a bit firmer in the middle of the bowl. The concluding portion ought to be packed firmly on top. If compacted too gently, the pipe will smoke too hot. If packed too thickly, the pipe will be problematic to keep lit up. Either way, the effect will be a bad smoke and tongue bite. As you pack each level, use a pipe temper to gently pack or press the sides of the tobacco shaping a dome in the middle.

Ignite the tobacco evenly over the top. Contrary to a cigar or cigarette, you might need to re-light the tobacco numerous times till the tobacco burns evenly. After lighting up, draw on the pipe for a couple of seconds, tamp lightly and then re-light. Carry on until you make a white ash over the top of the tobacco. Now gently tamp or press along the edges of the tobacco by tilting the temper to keep up the dome. Make certain the top of the tobacco is amply lit.

By tamping down the sides as you smoke, you coerce the fire to burn equally across the top and down. If you tamp down frequently, your pipe will stay alight longer and your smoke will be cooler. If the fire goes out or you put the pipe down for a little while, relight and proceed with your smoke. Don't forget to lightly draw or puff on the pipe. If you inhale too fast or hard you'll cause the fire to burn excessively hot and damage your pipe. Pipe smoking calls for patience and is a wonderful stress reliever, just keep practising.